Adaptation of the international format The Dr. Oz Show (Sony).


TV channel
On air: : 2010 to present
Hosts: Aleksandr Myasnikov, Sergey Agapkin, Tatyana Shapovalenko, Mikhail Politseymako
Adaptation of the international format The Dr. Oz Show (Sony).
TEFI Finalist
in the nomination “Entertainment program “Life-Style”

Scientists say that 1 hour a day spent on taking care of your health can add 15 years to your life. The television clinic “The most important thing” invites you to spend this hour together and take your health seriously. Every weekday, the best practitioners of our country draw the viewers' attention to the most recent achievements in medicine, give simple advice on rehabilitation and pain relief, reveal the health benefits of everyday foods, solve intricate medical puzzles, diagnose and send patients for treatment directly from the studio of “The most important thing”

Alexander Myasnikov is a fourth-generation descendant in the medical dynasty, Chief of Staff at Moscow City Clinical Hospital No. 71, Candidate of Medicine.

Sergey Agapkin is a specialist in traditional treatment methods, reflexologist, Candidate of Medicine.

Tatiana Shapovalenko is the Chief of Staff at the Moscow Clinical Hospital on Pyatnitskoye Highway, Doctor of Medicine.

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