Darya Zlatopolskaya's original talk show


TV channel
On air: с 2012 по настоящее время
Host: Darya Zlatopolskaya
Darya Zlatopolskaya's original talk show
TEFI Winner
Winner of TEFI-2015
The host of the show Darya Zlatopolskaya in conversation with media personalities. The conversation is built around the most significant events of the guest’s life, their interests and favorite works of art. Books, films, music that affected their development as a person, an artist and a creator. Participants of the show are people who need no special introductions - they are famous directors, actors, musicians, writers who hold a place of honor not only on the Russian cultural scene, but who also influenced art globally. Among the guests are Andrey Konchalovskiy, Valery Todorov skiy, Yuriy Stoyanov, Alexander Rodnyanskiy, Pavel Lungin, Sergey Ursulyak, Antonio Banderas, Deepak Chopra and many others
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