Unadorned dynasty

Period: Period: May 2014

Channel: Russia Culture Channel

The ceremonial Winter Palace built on the foundations of previous citadels, one who hold the shadows of Romanovs’ forefathers, the magnificent rooms of emperors and private family homes hidden within shaded gardens, designed to protect the private lives of the Romanovs – these are the backdrops to the stories told by the Author.
The Author will bring the original inhabitants into these real interiors… He will help you see the Russian Galant Age of the XVIII century – the realm of women who paradoxically ruled a country of female oppression, the country of Domostroy. You will also meet the male emperors who dared to rule in the dangerous Galant Age. Both Peter III and Paul I had to learn the tragic peculiarity of power – it was an absolute monarchy limited only by the garrottes of its guardsmen. You will understand how and why the Romanov dynasty ended up becoming a mystery to itself by the end of the century.
We will travel to the XIX century when the male Romanovs put an end to the female power. We will see a parade of sovereign. The Sphinx King Alexander I, the Champion of Autocracy Nicolas I, the last great king Alexander II killed by the children of the Perestryoka of its time, and the mighty Alexander III who tried to stifle Russia’s growth together with Pobedonostsev.
We will see how despite all the Emperors’ efforts the virus of the Revolution was slowly taking over the absolutist Empire throughout the XIX century.
However, there was another virus that defeated emperors and empresses alike – corruption. It was what led Nicolas I to bitterly confess to his successor: “Sometimes I feel like there are only two people in this county who do not steal – you and me”.
The series will conclude with the fall of the Empire. One of the heroes of this story is a prophet who predicted the upcoming world wars and the fall of European monarchy as early as the late XIX century.
And finally we will tell you about the revolution which, to our eyes, remains as mysterious and unexplained as it was in February 1917 when a 300-year old empire fell in three days.


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