The gift of life

Period: 2009 – 2011

Channel: Russia 1

This is a cycle of TV programmes dedicated to the adverse effects of unhealthy lifestyle and ways to prevent them.

Each episode is dedicated to one hero who is known and loved by the audience – they are actors, singers, musicians, TV hosts. Under the guidance of Tatiana Shapovalenko MD the Russian celebrity will do through a thorough medical evaluation in order to determine the approximate age of their deaths. As a rule, this age is much less than what the person could achieve if they were to lead a healthy lifestyle.

The hero has 8 weeks to reverse the biological clock. In this time, he or she will try to give up bad habits, start working out, will start eating healthy. After 2 months the participant will undergo another evaluation. If they stay on track, they will receive the main prize – another 15-20 years of life. They can give themselves the most precious gift – the gift of life.


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