Plan B

Period: since autumn 2017

Channel: Russia 1

An adaptation of The Gran Plana (Armoza Formats) format. Troubles in relationships? Career problems? Live has come to a blind street? Grannies to the rescue! They might not have Facebook accounts, but what they do have is 189 years of experience and a red cabriolet and they know for sure what is important in life! Each episode is a new story and a new problem that the grannies help our participant to solve. They didn't invent nor the wheel nor the bicycle, they haven’t won a Nobel Prize, but everyone considers their opinion because they together have nearly 200 years of experience, which means that they are the real experts in every life situation.


M-Production is one of the leading TV production companies for the channels of Russia and CIS

M-Production has been successful on the television market for more than 20 years since the company's creation in 1992. It this actively cooperating with the leading TV channels producing a wide content range for different audiences – original formats as well as adaptations of international shows, The company has a number of shooting studios, equipment, special-purpose machinery and post-production facilities at its disposal.

M-Production is making a speciality of producing topic-based and lifestyle-shows, entertaining and talk-shows, documentals and series.

The annual amount of produced content is over 3 000 hours. Every year the M-Production team is creating and developing new TV formats.

M-Production is constantly improving and aiming not only to grow, but implement new technologies, develop the creative side and meet the latest trends of international and Russian television.