About the most important things

Period: 2010 – present.

Channel: Russia 1

How often do you visit a doctor? Is it easy to reach the best specialist? What ways of treatment and medicines are most effective? About The Most Important Things – it’s time to care for your health. Advices from the best specialists, Ministry of Healthcare and R&D institutes, latest news and treatment measures firsthand.

Sergey Agapkin – doctor, specialist in traditional treatment systems, expert and skeptic. He prefers to discover and doublecheck everything by himself. He consults everyone personally, answers important questions and gives distinct advices.

His cohost actress Olga Budina translates it from medical to normal comprehensive language, carries out experiments and talks about healthy lifestyle.

Every day the audience dispels myths and the best specialists give a close-up on the most relevant topics. Health isn’t boring anymore – we check facts and find solutions to every problem!

Hosts: Olga Budina and Sergey Agapkin

Fridays: Alexander Myasnikov

2010-2012 – Mikhail Politseimako.


M-Production is one of the leading TV production companies for the channels of Russia and CIS

M-Production has been successful on the television market for more than 20 years since the company's creation in 1992. It this actively cooperating with the leading TV channels producing a wide content range for different audiences – original formats as well as adaptations of international shows, The company has a number of shooting studios, equipment, special-purpose machinery and post-production facilities at its disposal.

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