It’s complicated

Period: December 2014

Channel: Trust Channel

A series about relationships and complicated situations that everyone can relate to. By looking at the problems from different sides the audience learns to cope with them. It is important to understand that you can always find a rational solution and that emotions can get in the way. Every complicated issue is discussed by experts – psychologist Victor Ponomarenko and lawyer Marina Kaschenko. Their advice can become a guidebook for those facing difficult situations in life. The main themes include relationships, family issues, difficulties at work and conflicts between parents and children.


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M-Production has been successful on the television market for more than 20 years since the company's creation in 1992. It this actively cooperating with the leading TV channels producing a wide content range for different audiences – original formats as well as adaptations of international shows, The company has a number of shooting studios, equipment, special-purpose machinery and post-production facilities at its disposal.

M-Production is making a speciality of producing topic-based and lifestyle-shows, entertaining and talk-shows, documentals and series.

The annual amount of produced content is over 3 000 hours. Every year the M-Production team is creating and developing new TV formats.

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